Universitas Gadjah Mada - Center for Security and Peace Studies



Gadjah Mada University is one of the largest and oldest universities in Indonesia. Its Center for Security and Peace Studies (CSPS) is an academic research center whose mission is to produce a critical knowledge and conception about security and peace issues, and provide services for the best practical conflict resolution and peace building.

May 2001-December 2004

This HPCR project was designed to assist in the development of preventive strategies for addressing the conflict in Indonesia, and to inform debates among the policy community and civil society by focusing on the needs of the population.

Past event partnerships

Jun 20 2002 - 9:00am - Jul 5 2002 - 5:00pm

View the Final Report on the E-Conference From 20th June through the 5th of July 2002, the Conflict Prevention...