Sanoj Rajan

Associate Director

This is an HPCR alum page. The information may be out of date. 
Archived Biography: Sanoj Rajan is the Associate Director of the Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research and takes the substantive lead on International Humanitarian Law strategy at HPCR. He holds a faculty research and teaching appointment at Harvard University. 
Prior to HPCR, Sanoj was in charge of the Academic activities of the International Committee of the Red Cross for the South Asian regional delegation at New Delhi. He worked directly for the ICRC delegations in Bangladesh and India, and supported other South Asian countries -- including Iran -- for their regional academic initiatives. During his tenure with the ICRC, he also maintained visiting faculty positions with reputed institutions in the region including Indian Society of International Law. Prior to the ICRC, he also worked as a member of the faculty of law under University of Kerala.
Sanoj has a depth of experience through his expert work at the Regional Delegation of the ICRC for South Asia, and through his extensive teaching and lecturing on international criminal law and international humanitarian law in various universities in the South Asian region and beyond. Sanoj obtained his Ph.D. in International Criminal Law and holds an MBA and an LL. M.

Last updated 10-04-2013