Book Chapters

Title Date Format
"Human Security Challenges in the Occupied Palestinian Territory" by Claude Bruderlein, in: Aid, Diplomacy and Facts on the Ground: The Case of Palestine, eds. M Keating, A Le More and R Lowe, London: The Royal Institute of International Affairs Jul 2005 N/A
"Conflict and Human Security" by Leaning J, Arie S, Holleufer G, Bruderlein C., in: Global Health Challenges for Human Security, , eds. Chen L, Leaning J, Narasimhan V; Global Equity Initiative, Asia Center, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard Universit Jan 2003 N/A
"The End of Innocence: An Essay on Humanitarian Protection in the 21st Century," by Claude Bruderlein, in: Civilians in War, ed Simon Chesterman, Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers Apr 2001 N/A

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