Building Human Security in Indonesia


Building Human Security in Indonesia

HPCR's work in Indonesia has focused on developing human security strategies as the basis for dialogue on conflict prevention and resolution. The project has sought to open a space for debate on key political, developmental, and human rights issues, including events in the provinces of Papua and Aceh. In pursuing cooperation and strategic partnerships with Indonesian organizations and the UN country team, the Program has engaged diverse audiences in an exploration of the roots of conflict and possibilities for peace.

The project has also undertaken local capacity-building initiatives. Over the course of the project, HPCR's research team has conducted several trainings on the use of the Internet as a research tool. Such trainings have facilitated the participation of community-based user groups and led to the creation of a special Bahasa Indonesia section on the web portal. Supported by ongoing and dynamic exchange with its readership, this section offers Indonesian language reports, analysis and information about human security in the region.

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