Ongoing Research

Monitoring, Reporting, and Fact-finding

This project is geared toward developing capacity building measures, training opportunities, and practical guidance in the domain of monitoring, reporting, and fact-finding (MRF). HPCR, building on two years of intensive research on MRF mechanisms, has engineered the Harvard Group of Professionals on Monitoring, Reporting, and Fact-finding. This collective of high-level MRF practitioners will convene over the course of the coming years to build a consensus among key MRF stakeholders around the most effective methods of addressing the core challenges that MRF practitioners face.

IHL in Air and Missile Warfare

This research initiative, driven by an expert working group, seeks to codify the rules of IHL applicable to air and missile warfare through a contemporary reexamination and methodical restatement of existing law.

Advanced Training Program on Humanitarian Action

The Advanced Training Program on Humanitarian Action (ATHA) is designed to enhance the knowledge and capacity of humanitarian NGOs operating in complex environments through training courses, policy support, networking and dialogue. The ongoing project cycle 2010-2013 is focused on the management of humanitarian assistance.

Archived Research

Criminalizing Humanitarian Engagement

HPCR initiated the “Criminalizing Humanitarian Engagement” Project after recognizing that the humanitarian community faced increasingly difficult challenges based on the proliferation of counterterrorism laws and regulations that have a capacity to affect the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

Human Trafficking

The Project on the Humanitarian Response to Human Trafficking is a policy research project initiated to assess strategies for improving local and international responses to human trafficking in complex emergencies and to support public and private sectors’ planning and programming activities in addressing this issue.

Project on Transformative Philanthropy

The Project on Transformative Philanthropy offers professional development and networking opportunities to private donors interested in contributing to sustainable, community-based relief operations in times of natural disaster and complex humanitarian emergencies.

Humanitarian Innovations and Professional Networks

HPCR has launched a new and ground-breaking research project on the role of professional networks in the dissemination of innovation and best practices in the humanitarian sector. HPCR is committed to the professional development of humanitarian practitioners working in complex emergencies. The purpose of this research is to discover how professional networks may be used most effectively to promote the sharing of information and experiences on best practices and innovations in the humanitarian sector.  

Étude du rôle des réseaux professionnels sur le partage du savoir et des pratiques dans le secteur de l’humanitaire

HPCR et OCCAH s’intéressent à la professionnalisation du secteur de l’humanitaire, ainsi qu’au partage et la diffusion des connaissances et des pratiques développées dans le domaine. HPCR et OCCAH partagent le postulat que l’amélioration de la formation, des compétences, de l’efficacité et de la sécurité des praticiens permet de maximiser l’impact de l’action humanitaire. Étant donné la grande diversité du secteur de l’humanitaire, le projet concentrera son action sur l’élaboration d’outils et de stratégies de développement professionnel en utilisant les réseaux professionnels existants, et sur les caractéristiques normatives au sein de ce secteur.